Crazy Rich Asians is crazy

Crazy Rich Asians, the first all Asian with majority of American Asian casts portraying Asian fantasies through eye-catching scenery and super rich people. The film story line began with a girl named Rachel, starring Contance Wu, who claimed herself to be economic professor teaching game theory fell love with a another boy, Nick, starring Henry Golding … Continue reading Crazy Rich Asians is crazy


Kimi no na wa “Your Name” review

Kimi no na wa "Your name" has to be one of the best anime slash movie of all time. This romantic comedy embarking with an out of the box romance comedy where a city boy and a country girl magically swaps their body and live in each other's lives for a period of time; realizing … Continue reading Kimi no na wa “Your Name” review

Review of John Carter reference to Mars’ speculations

John Carter, long story short, a Hollywood fiction movie depicting the man mysteriously awakes on the surface of Mars with the jumping super power, fighting two big white monster monkeys, leading an army of four hand dudes to conquer Mars aka Barsoom, marrying a beautiful Mars princess and live happily ever after. why would Hollywood choose … Continue reading Review of John Carter reference to Mars’ speculations

Murder on the orient express: not a let-down to Agatha Christie fan

  This is the first big and foremost movie production featuring the great detective Hercules Poirot solving a crime scene aboard a train exposing to the fast-paced environment where modern technology was not yet introduced. As a fan of Agatha Christie novel series, what really impresses me is the acting ability of the main actor … Continue reading Murder on the orient express: not a let-down to Agatha Christie fan

Arrival 2016

A gorgeously directed movie indeed! The production design deliberately expects me to wait for the invasion of the weird looking spacecraft clashing with the black bald lieutenant followed by the romantic plot of the two main actors. On the contrary, this movie is all about moody look, soundscape, and looking alike bowl spacecraft. Watching this … Continue reading Arrival 2016