What do you really want?

A genie live in the bottle waiting to be rubbed. If you find the bottle and rub it, the genie will come out and grant you three wishes along with the question “what do you want?” Will you be able to answer the question? what we want and why? too often, we don’t really have a good answer to the

question, so instead of really know what we really want, we just follow what others want or possess. If other people has wealth, I want it too; If other people have a big house, I want one too. If others have beautiful wife, I want one too. In our current society, we celebrate individuals who have the guts to find out what they really want rather than following what everyone else wants. What we think others want of us to do is usually our priority, we spend so much time trying to please others thinking that making all the people around us happy is the meaning of our life. We go to school to make our teacher happy, to make our parents happy, to make our peers happy. But, is this really what we want?

There was a Buddhist story about a nun living in a cave meditating peacefully being content with the simplicity of her life. One day, when she came back from collecting alms from disciples, she found that one of her rows which she left in her cave had been chewed by a mouse, so she had to go out to get some spare cloth and a needle to thread and sew up the row. After many times sewing the rowing, she thought to herself why not get a cat to chase the mouse? she asked the villagers, her supporters, for a cat, they managed to get her a cat, so no more problem with the mouse, but the cat needed some milk and then again she asked her supporters for the milk not for herself but for the cat. Later on, she thought to herself that instead of asking for the milk everyday, she decided to ask them for a cow because she won’t have to bother anybody anymore with the milk everyday. Then, again her supporters have lots of cow, so they decided to spare a cow to the nun. The cow is very nice, but of course, the cow has to eat as well, therefore the nun thought to herself again, not to bother anyone else to bring the grass to the cow everyday, she decided to ask for a field, so she could graze her cow. After that, she thought to herself, she realize that the cow would go to graze in other people’s field, so again, she decided to ask her supporters for a little boy to look after the cow. One of the supporter sent a nice boy to her to be able to learn from the nun which is good for Buddhist practitioner and look after her cow. Then, later one she thought to herself that the boy cannot stay with her in the cave as she is a nun so she asked her supporter to build a hut just outside the cave for the boy and then one day, someone came up for her and said “I would like to ask you a few questions on meditation” and the nun said “I’m sorry I can’t make it right now because I have got to look after the builders who are building the hut for the boy who looks after the cow who looks after the cat who keeps the mice away from eating my robes.” Then she realizes where she had gone wrong where a very simple thing could lead her life to be very complicated so what did she do? she sent the boy home. she sold the cow, the field, and gave back the cat. From then on, the mouse returned and she was very happy with the little mouse eating her robes and every time her rope are bitten she just put a little patch on it because it gave her much more time than having to look after many other things.

What the nun really want is just a bit ease and comfort with enough time to meditate, but she thought getting cat, a cow, a boy, then a hut could makes her happy. Most often, we tend to want things more. If I get a big house, we can invite more fiends. Therefore, in order to get bigger house, we have to get bigger loans, we have to get more work and our life gets more busy. We haven’t got enough time. What do we really want?


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