Crazy Rich Asians is crazy

Crazy Rich Asians, the first all Asian with majority of American Asian casts portraying Asian fantasies through eye-catching scenery and super rich people. The film story line began with a girl named Rachel, starring Contance Wu, who claimed herself to be economic professor teaching game theory fell love with a another boy, Nick, starring Henry Golding who secretly has a background of a very rich Asian family in Singapore. The boy decided to brought the girl to see his mom, Eleanor starring Michelle Yeoh and the girl was surprise to find out that the boy is rich; then the movie climax begins with the clash between the girl and boy’s mom who refuse to give her blessing to her son’s lover.

This film has notably attracted plenty of attention from around the world especially Asians collecting a 230 millions dollars in box office. I personally think that the film did a pretty good job mocking the western world that Asian are just as rich or richer than the western by showing the ridiculously rich lives of a group of rich Asians as well as amazing spots in Singapore.

105403583-1534530426782cra.530x298In term of the story line, personally, I think they could do a better job but didn’t; Probably because of the urge to feed the fantasy of Asian market demand. There are moments that I get bored from the same old story line where the boy is rich and the girl is poor along with nonsense game theory stuff. I was not moved by the romance due to the plot did not really portray how the couples come to fell in love but just the fact that they are super rich showing off to one another and the people who are watching especially the spectacular wedding scene which seemed to be another business transaction of those rich people. However, with legendary acting skill of the antagonist, Mechelle Yeoh, the boy’s mom and the comedians like Kem Jeong, added with super cool rich people wedding ceremony, the film could in no doubt amuse the audience. I would rate this film as a 5.5/10 just because of the story line, but it is very recommended for people who love drama with fantastic scenery.


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