Kimi no na wa “Your Name” review

Kimi no na wa “Your name” has to be one of the best anime slash movie of all time. This romantic comedy embarking with an out of the box romance comedy where a city boy and a country girl magically swaps their body and live in each other’s lives for a period of time; realizing that it was not a dream and they started to communicate with others through writing on their own phone and setting rules for one another to not to screw up each other’s lives. By literally living in one another body, the characters started to develop affections toward one another without even realizing themselves and the story goes as the characters tried to find ways to meet one another overcoming the timeline let alone disastrous nature event which could potentially kill the female character.

UntitledFrom the cover and the trailer itself, we may think that it is just another teen or common kid Japanese anime. As an anime lover myself, I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10 not only due to own favorite, but the appreciation toward the spectacular drawings as well as the amazing story line which I consider as a different approach of romance where the audience could come to pass unique Japanese culture and tear dropping moment.


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