Materialistic Poverty vs Mindset Poverty

How do most people define poverty? Is it a condition where people are not able to afford their basic needs? Is it to lack of material possessions or is there anything else that illustrate this particular state?

Material possession opens people to new possibility of living a better lives. To be able to have possessions over basic needs of material is to be able to upgrade to a better living condition and satisfaction. The stone age period displayed human lives as almost identical to wild animal that could easily be exposed to dangers such as predators or starvation anytime. During the hunting and gathering era, people discovered ways to make sharp objects, build shelters, invent new agricultural tools for harvesting crops, which enabled them to hunt for more food while also discover new settlement and upgrade their need of food and shelter. Then, when the industrial revolution kicks in, people were able to discovered big machine, factories capable of turning the agricultural products into large scale businesses as well as shrinking the limitation of distance trade.

Still, there must also be consequences when taking the proliferation approach which could derived the capability of using the scarcity of the resource as much as possible economically speaking. For instance, during the industrial revolution, blue collar workers were extremely exploited by their employers, People worked ten to twelve hours a day without breaks; some even worked to dead. Plenty of agricultural supplies were wasted due to the problem with equilibrium of supply and demand.

In a larger scale, Countries that are in possession of advanced technology and human capitals tends to move forward faster than the countries that is in poverty, materialistically. And, when it is insignificant to maximize their own satisfactions, they waged war against other countries in a form of colonization to take possession over the resource in the hope of granting better lives for their own race.

In most people point of view, the country in possession of advanced technology that waged war against other country taking possessions over the resource are still consider as rich and “not in poverty”. Is it morally good to use force against others for the sake of maximizing our own satisfaction? Or are the “rich” country or “rich” people is currently in state of mindset poverty?

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime” – Aristotle


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