Thipsamai, up to 30mn waiting in queue to taste exceptional Pad Thai dish

Despite recently being awarded in Bid Gourmand from the Michelin Guide for providing great food with moderate price, Thipsamai has also been known as the best Pad Thai restaurant in the eyes of the world. If you do not know what Pad Thai is, then you only have to know that Pad Thai, a stired-fried noodles with the combination of egg, vegetables like radish, garlic, spicy and meat or chicken, is known as Thailand national dish aka the most famous street food in Thailand.  This particular street food dish has a history with Thai people since world war II as noodle was encouraged to consume by Thai minister due to rice supply shortage in Thailand at that time.

When I was strolling around Maha Chai Rd in Bangkok sightseeing this beautiful city, I curiously see a bunch of foreigners queuing in a long distance to enter a look alike Chinese restaurant despite having to stand near the busy road. With no means to follow the crowd but just to solve my curiosity, as a foreigner myself, I went along with the crowds standing behind these people who seems to come from different countries. Having to wait around 30mn, I was able to get into the restaurant with a very satisfying face since there are more people queuing just to get into this strange restaurant. The moment I looked at the menu and see other people dishes, I knew that the best dish must be Pad Thai which I kinda hate it due to having tasted it at the road of Khao San, Bangkok once before. I decided to order this very same dish with the thoughts that this strangely popular restaurant would definitely provide a better taste of Pad Thai dish. Surprisingly, the moment I put the combination of noodles, egg wrap, tofu, beans into my mouth, this classic dish with rich ingredients along with exclusively unique equipment  (I saw the cooks do there job with fancy tools) really live up to my expectation. I would rate it as the best Pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok for sure!


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